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WinLock Professional

WinLock Professional is a powerful security solution that allows you to restrict access to various computer resources. WinLock Professional has a clean and functional interface that is easy to understand. The software works well to restrict access to certain areas of the computer, but some security measures can be skipped by smart users.

During the first use, users can easily set a password to prevent others from changing their settings, deciding when to launch the app and how to record the activity. Other features include the ability to block users from key areas such as the registry, task manager, control panel, and Windows folders. Users can even turn off desktop changes or go to the Start menu.

There is also a timer, which limits the running time on the computer. The only problem we had to try was the Internet access tab. Users can set up a list of restricted and / or trusted sites, but the restrictions only apply to Internet Explorer. If the pages can be accessed via Firefox, the settings are not valid.

WinLock Professional Full

Full performance of WinLock Professional

Smart limitations
Create different protection schemes for each account in a multi-user environment. For each user, WinLock only activates the selected restrictions.

Restrictions on the Internet
Internet Explorer restrictions and filters within the relevant website to manage and protect Internet access. Supports the most popular browsers.

USB authentication
Securely access WinLock from a USB drive. Insert any USB stick into the WinLock stick.

Parental control
Restrict access to dangerous and controversial websites. Protect your children online.

Take desktop and camera photos at set times.

Guest password
It allows users to unlock the system without entering a master password.

Block, shoot, apply restrictions from a PC or cell phone.

Data protection
Restrict access to selected files, folders, and programs.

On-screen timer
Displays the remaining time on the digital clock display.

Mobile devices
Flexible on flash drives, networks and mobile devices.

Implemented protection
Password protection for programs and applications. you can also download Acronis True Image

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