Windows WhatsApp 2.2049.9 Download

Windows WhatsApp 2.2049.9 Download

Windows WhatsApp 2.2049.9 can be downloaded for free from the software store. The default file names for offline installers are WhatsAppSetup.exe, WhatsApp64Setup.exe, and so on. The official WhatsApp desktop application has been around for some time on the Windows operating system, but it is already available.

This app can sync information between your smartphone and the WhatsApp app on your desktop, so you can continue chatting on your Windows computer or create a new message.

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WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is currently one of the most popular instant messaging services in the world and competes with Google Hangouts, Viber, IMO, WeChat, LINE, Hike, Facebook Messenger, and other services. WhatsApp is compatible with Windows 7 and above operating systems.

Windows WhatsApp 2.2049.9

Windows is convenient to carry WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp for Window

  • Win WhatsApp played an important role in expanding smartphones requiring the release of mobile apps. I brought the phone closer to the computer for better functionality, but after the initial setup, you can put it in your pocket.
  • When you first launch this app, you need to scan the QR code through your mobile network. I scanned the code of this computer by clicking the menu button on the mobile app and clicking on WhatsApp.
  • After scanning the code, all conversations in the mobile app are uploaded to the desktop version. I didn’t manually add the contacts because the app gets it directly from the phone. It was more convenient to write letters over and over again on the computer without any problems. In addition to using the keypad, you can also access all keyboard shortcuts to make your work easier.
  • You can send information, photos, and attachments from your computer, record voicemails, and manage information records. Did You have recorded the program information and you don’t have to worry about missing push notifications?
  • You can see that the menu options in the mobile app are logged in to all online and desktop customers.

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In conclusion

  • For Windows, WhatsApp users can access their favorite mobile devices from a user-friendly desktop.
  • To use the desktop version that mirrors what you see on your phone, your WhatsApp computer must be running on your smartphone.

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