[V2.0.23.28] Win10 All Settings Free Download

All Win10 settings

All Win10 settings are available for free download from our program. This is a tool that allows you to access various system settings. The main purpose of the app is to help users configure Windows 10 using alternate configuration interfaces in all situations, as well as perform some hidden settings.

  • The program allows control in the Windows Master Control Panel (God Mode) and categorizes the installed Windows 10 settings.
  • Parameters defined by Win10 All parameters are based on information published on Microsoft websites. Operations that are often complex, multi -step, and require system -level knowledge can easily be performed by anyone with Windows 10 Settings.
  • All Win10 settings primarily support the Windows 10 operating system. Works with limited functionality on Windows 7/8.

All the features of Win10 placement tools

  • However, I like the basic editing options.
  • Provides easy access to God’s fashion.
  • You can set the color of the passive line.
  • Provides easy access to Windows 10’s built-in settings.
  • You can boot from the operating system (AutoStart).
  • Supports Windows 10 (partially supported for Windows 7/8).
  • No installation required, free to use.

Download Windows 10 Settings Tool for PC

Win10 All Settings | File Size: 1 MB
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