Remote Desktop Manager 2021 Free Download

Remote Desktop Manager 2021 Free Download

Remote Desktop Manager 2021 is a useful and reliable software solution used for administrators who need to remotely manage and manage all their sessions.

With Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition, you can quickly add, edit, delete, organize, or find your remote connection. Compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop or Terminal Services, it’s a good alternative to Remote Desktop snap-in.

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Remote Desktop Manager 2021

Supports multiple connections

The quickest way to get started is to use the QuickConnect feature at the top of the screen. It provides quick access to Remote Desktop, VNC, and a web browser, allowing you to get started even if you don’t know anything about Remote Desktop Manager.
In addition to QuickConnect, you are initially presented with a small set of clickable buttons that allow you to start creating new groups and sessions.

Full Features of Remote Desktop Manager 2020

Connect to any type of session, such as RDP, SSH or VNC
• Save and manage all passwords
Integrate existing password managers
Share and centralize all remote connections
• Secure your organization with the best encryption algorithm
• View connection logs
Protect sensitive data
Share and link attachments
• Browse shared folders or cloud storage
Automatic VPN connection
• Group all sessions into a specific folder
Quickly connect to model support
Quick access via the status bar icon context menu
Online backup service
Automatic connection
Microsoft Hyper-V Control Panel
• Share session parameters among multiple users
Integrated password manager
Real-time connection overview

Enterprise version

  • Share your remote connection settings in the company database.
  • Save your login and password information in the database.
  • Monitor user activity with database logs.
  • A faster and safer solution.


  • Fixed alternate host getting prompt multiple times
  • Fixed column saving and reset for Favorites and Private Vault
  • Fixed Firefox now showing URL when selected to do so
  • Fixed inventory report issue where the selected options weren’t taken into account
  • Fixed issue bringing RDM back to front with tray icon
  • Fixed issue saving the “mask the password” check box state in the View Password window
  • Fixed issue where reselecting the same import type would clear the grid view
  • Fixed issue with inventory report dates
  • Fixed issue with new XML, Google Drive, FTP and SFTP data sources giving a Not Connected status
  • Fixed issue with possible loss of the saved App Password with a DOD or DODB data source
  • Fixed Linux inventory report with some OS
  • Fixed looped credentials issue and set the auto-refresh timer to 5 sec
  • Fixed missing behaviors on Remote Registry
  • Fixed multiple issues with File Explorer entry
  • Fixed possible crash in FreeRDP
  • Fixed possible crash in registry editor
  • Fixed potential null reference exception when moving entries
  • Fixed tab selection on the opening window

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