[v16.1 ] O&O DiskImage Build 219 Download [Latest]

O&O DiskImage Build supports creating data images of files, folders, and entire partitions and is used to create backups and restores. In addition to supporting complete, incremental, and differential images, the program also supports converting to and from the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format.

Icons on the user interface

  • In spite of the fact that it comes with several dedicated parameters, the tool’s GUI doesn’t seem overly cluttered. There is actually a simple feature set that provides newcomers with the convenience of creating images of drives, partitions, and entire computers from the Start screen.

Services for restoring data

  • With O&O DiskImage 14 Professional, you can carry out several recovery operations in case your system suddenly crashes, including building an image (of partitions, drives, or the whole computer), generating incremental images, creating differential images, and recapturing data.

Image creation of a drive

  • It lets you view details about each partition, including its size, the number of sectors in each cluster, the file system, and allowed free space.
  • Also, you can add comments to the image, validate it at the end of the process, and convert it into VHD file format. Additionally, you can execute the process as a sound notification, shut down or restart the computer when the process is complete.

There are several options for imaging

  • If you frequently work with drives that contain compressed files and music clips, you have the option to choose preset profiles, such as the Archive or Multimedia profiles.
  • The preset modes aren’t suitable for all situations, and you are able to create a customized one by selecting the method of creating complete images, generating VHD images, saving space by compressing the image (LZNT or BZIP2) or splitting it into smaller parts, and encrypting it with AES-128, AES-192, or AES-256.

Extra features to play with

  • It allows you to schedule tasks, clone drives, view information regarding DiskImage file backups (OBK), images (OMG), and virtual hard disks (VHD), and burn DVD images as well as create or burn ISO files.
  • Finally, you can mount drives from images and ISO files, remove mounted drives, merge incremental images, convert image files between OMG and VHD formats, create a bootable disc, edit PC properties (like name, SID), map network drives as well as check for errors on drives.

Backup and recovery of a hard drive is a superb app

  • As a whole, “O&O DiskImage” Professional is known to be a reliable solution that comes with a suite of powerful configuration options that is ideal for  power users.

Features of O&O DiskImage Full

  • Shows the amount of data stored on a hard drive
  • Provides support for Microsoft Virtual Disks (VHD)
  • Providing service and task status information through a tray icon
  • A second compression type (BZIP) is now available
  • Differential images (again, automatically)
  • The ability to burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and HD-DVDs in advanced ways
  • Image assistant for regular images and automatic images
  • Produces system images when the system is operational
  • Using a boot CD to restore whole Windows operating systems is extremely easy
  • For forensic purposes, it is possible to produce incremental and direct images
  • (cloning) One-to-one copies of the drives

Title: O&O DiskImage Professional v16.1 Build 219
Developer: O&O Software GmbH
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Download O&O DiskImage Professional for PC

O&O DiskImage Pro 16.1.219 | File Size: 104 MB
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