[V1.23.4] NirLauncher Package Free Download

NirLauncher Package

The NirLauncher package consists of over 180 freeware utilities for Windows that have been developed over the past few years for the NirSoft.com web site.

Nirsoft utilities include tools for networking, recovery of passwords, privacy gathering, system and program utilities, command-line utilities and much more.

NirLauncher Package

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Features of NirLauncher Package Download:

  • The NirLauncher Program can be installed on any USB flash drive without the need for additional installation.
  • Everything in NirLauncher is freeware, so no Spyware, Adware, or Malware is included.
  • There are no malicious third party programs, toolbars, browser plug-ins, or any other surprises contained on this package.
  • This will not alter your Web browser settings or install any software on your system.
  • This package includes a wide variety of tools that you need for your personal computer use, such as tools for recovering lost passwords, monitoring your network, for looking at and recovering cookies, cache, and other data kept by your Web browser, for searching files in your system, and much more…
  • With our software packages, you can run a utility manually, view its help page, or go to the Web page for a particular utility.
  • Each of the utilities is set up as .cfg files on a flash drive when used from the USB.
  • If the x64 version of NirLauncher exists, it launches the x64 version in the background.
  • The NirLauncher provides the ability to install additional NirSoft software packages.
  • With NirLauncher, you can create Bootable Windows Bootable Multimedia Environments (BartPE) (Launcher -> Generate Bootable Windows Multimedia Environments), so that NirSoft Utility can be used from a bootable Windows Live CD.

Title: NirLauncher Package v1.23.43
Developer: Home Page
License: Freeware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Download NirLauncher Package Portable for PC:

NirLauncher Package 1.23.43 | File Size: 30 MB
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