[v4.1.8] NetLimiter Pro/Enterprise Free Download

NetLimiter Pro/Enterprise Free Download

You can download NetLimiter Pro for free by visiting our software library. You’ve likely encountered one or several traffic control utilities if you’re an experienced Internet user. This type of tool is useful in managing network connections and programs that use them without you realizing it.

The main application window will show you information about your incoming and outgoing connections, as well as download and upload speeds. After installing the software, your system will restart, but you’ll know exactly which applications are draining your connection and how much.

With NetLimiter Pro, you can create specific rules, which limit traffic between selected connections to incoming or outgoing traffic, as well as the data traffic to a specific amount of megabytes. Additionally, a scheduler is useful for routing specific connections during peak periods to avoid bottlenecking of traffic.

When a new connection starts draining too much of your bandwidth and you don’t want to spend time limiting its access, you can simply end its activity. 

In that case, you can use whois, ping, and traceroute functions to get more information, so that you can decide what action to take on that particular connection.

Besides being able to filter specific traffic rules, filtering will also help you avoid unauthorized access to programs and their settings. You can also specify user accounts for monitoring and controlling programs and their settings and avoiding unauthorized access to the application.

In addition to Net-Limiter’s own firewall, it also includes a “Basic” version you can use to protect yourself from outside threats. This, in addition to the application’s easily customizable interface, should be enough for many people to give it a try.

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Features of NetLimiter Pro Full

Network Monitor:

Network Limiter displays all applications connected to the network, their connections, their transfer rates, etc.

Bandwidth Limiter / Bandwidth Shaper:

NetLimiter allows you to limit the download or upload speed of an application, connection or a group of them. It is easy to manage your internet connection with limits (also known as a bandwidth shaper or bandwidth controller).

Statistical tool:

The history feature lets you see what you’ve been doing on the internet since you’ve installed NetLimiter.

Additional network information:

You can also get information like WHOIS, your location, traceroute, etc. with NetLimiter.

Rule scheduler:

Zone based traffic management, Personal firewalls, Running as WinNT services, User rights, Charts, Advanced Rules, User rights, Charts, and Advanced Rule editors.

Title: Locktime Software NetLimiter v4.1.8.0
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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