[V27.0.77] J River Media Center Download

J River Media Center Download

J River Media Center

J River Media Center’s “One on One” LLC management software can turn any Windows PC into an entertainment center for complete control of your digital media – audio, video, images – TV. The computer connects to a stereo system, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners and portable MP3 players. Hosts all media, copies, burning, all your music, pictures, videos. MC Encodes ಿಸುತ್ತದೆ Reproduces all common media dimensions. Powerful utilities include Media Server for transferring music և images to remote computers. The media center is more than just world-class players. It is a complete solution for media network, music, movies, television and ography capture. Audiophile is the market leader in audio quality. The most powerful multimedia database available. A necessary tool for large collections.

Driver Media Center plays a larger file size than other players. Connected via Netflix, Hulu, Lost.FM, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia. And it sends it to Flickr, Facebook և Twitter.

J River Media Center supports most mobile phones, mp3 player, dLNA, etc. Improve HTTP to entertain your family. Also, multiplication of different sectors. And it allows for high-definition TV — replacing cable TV. It has a controllable viewing interface with MC Remote Control, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Netbook or touch screen. J River Media Center is a direct show player. Animated tags love the Cover և metadata options. And MC supports your work so you can sleep at night.

J River Media Center has an enhanced user interface that makes it easy to organize, search, play and connect your digital files to your hardware. Make music for your car. Record your favorite shows and watch them on your TV. More than a sound card. Play different music in different rooms at the same time. The MC Multimedia Server can transfer your music to your PC while you’re working.

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J River Media Center is full of features:


  • Direct support for DirectShow DSP filters
  • Audiophile – Special Edition of the Vasavi with advanced USB DAC technology
  • Audiophile – Ability to play files from memory instead of hard disk
  • AudioFile – High quality USB DAC support with WASAPI
  • The DSP headset makes the audio more natural and comfortable.
  • The Soundcards Switch command allows you to choose a sound card for the launcher
  • 3D Album Viewer adjusts text size to display more titles if needed
  • 3D Album View allows you to play, add, mess and add while playing


  • Image Preview lets you reduce the thumbnail, rotate, delete, compare, edit etc.
  • Thumbnails (ichlika)
  • Support for Photoshop PSD files
  • Copy / send the same command to an editor like Photoshop image Paste the new image with the origina


Add video tags with side files

  • Portfolio support for MKVև MP4
  • The head is included on the screen
  • Metadata is displayed in the information window

I’m watching TV:

  • Added a new “clock” column to the metadata
  • EPG can automatically recover XMLTV data
  • XML Channel Names MC Automatic correlation of MC channel names
  • The Information Panel displays metadata, including graphic television programs
  • TV show art from YADB

The theater scene:

  • Watch Hulu և YouTube in the Theater
  • Indoor theater performance
  • Custom file information table for displaying metadata
  • Speed ​​և quality improvements
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Touch screen support
  • Oak clock curtain
  • Driver 64 bit

Jriver 64 Bit

Fernbedienungen und Server:

  • Wiki-Artikulo: Fernbedienungen und Server
  • Remote Relay mula sa IR-Transceivern sa Steuerung einer Set-Top-Box oder eines Empfängers
  • Remote after Pag set up ng Katulong
  • Media Center Fernlernen und Sprengen
  • Maaaring ibalik ng Media Center ang isang koneksyon sa iba pa Media Center, Bilang Remote zu fungieren (TRemote).
  • Neues Plug-In para sa HID-Fernbedienung – unterstützt Verknüpfungen mit Tastatur, Maus und Gamepad
  • Fernsteuerung mula sa REST-basierter Webdienstschnittstelle sa Library Server
  • Library Server unterstützt Lesen und Schreiben, um einen gemeinsamen Datenbankzugriff für mehrere Benutzer zu ermöglichen
  • DLNA sa UPnP-Server hinzugefügt
  • Library Server-Mga kliyente upang makita ang iyong server sa server
  • Library Server-Verbindungen ermöglichen die Wiedergabe auf dem Server as Playing Now-Zonen

Title: J.River Media Center v27.0.77
Developer: J.River
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

Download JRiver Media Center Full for PC

JRiver Media Center 27.0.77 | 64 bit | File Size: 38 MB
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