ImageRanger Pro Download

ImageRanger Pro Download

Download ImageRanger Pro from our software repository for free. We live in a time when photography is so prevalent, especially with all phones with powerful cameras. This way your computer can save your collection of images, but the manual setup is very complicated. In this regard, ImageRanger is an advanced tool for finding and organizing images.

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ImageRanger Pro
ImageRanger displays images on your computer or on backup media:
  • Quickly download thousands of images
  • Find photos, faces
  • Sort և filter
  • Find a duplicate
  • Arrange in files by year, by location
  • Collect and measure very quickly
  • Manually sort multiple folders manually
  • Organize your photos from other paintings, plugins
  • Finding low-quality images Increase image size
  • Perform common image management tasks
  • Print hundreds of images
Full Features of ImageRanger Pro:

Image index

ImageRanger only needs to see your image collection once, you can view, organize, and filter the images anytime.

NAS և USB drive support
The ImageRanger index can be stored directly in remote folders. In this way, you can quickly search and sort images of other cars using the built-in indicator.

Manual sorting
Include or include only the folders you need when viewing images. Plus, ImageRanger can read all of your backup discs.

Download Save a collection of images found previously to make sure you can quickly restore a hand-controlled wallpaper.

Face recognition
ImageRanger can detect group faces even in large images, you can tag faces with group photos, and quickly find images of specific people.

Remove duplicate
ImageRanger refers to the number of images copied; you can delete unnecessary content.

Files for files
Ability to import all your photos into a new folder structure sorted by location

GPS filter
Thanks to the integrated GPS location, your photos are automatically sorted by city. All photos can be found 5 meters from anywhere in the country. You can also download Acronis True Image 2021

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