Driver Talent PRO Free Download

Driver Talent PRO Free Download

Driver Talent PRO is an application that automatically detects all drivers, finds the latest updates on the Internet, and offers them up to the latest to keep your computer running smoothly.

Configuration and interface

The setup is quick. However, while not mentioned, this utility is built into the Windows boot sequence and runs every time you turn on your computer. This option can be disabled in the settings panel.

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Driver Talent is wrapped up in a pleasant and intuitive interface where all key components are neatly arranged in different areas.

Driver Talent PRO

Scan, download and install drivers

It automatically detects your version of Windows at startup and asks for permission to scan all installed drivers to show outdated drivers. They can be filtered by status (stable or recent). The date, version, and size of the latest version of the driver are displayed, and if there are other versions available on the Internet, you can select your preferred version.

The program can be instructed to automatically download and run the installer for the selected drivers, or simply download the latest version to your computer so you can follow the installation process from there. …

Reinstall, remove, back up and restore drivers

Driver Talent has additional tools. For example, you can reinstall, uninstall, back up, and restore drivers. You can also check all device drivers, as well as hardware information such as processor, clock speed, cache, core count, install and boot times, processor, memory, disks, video cards, motherboards, and monitors. This data can be exported to a text document.

Configure application settings

By default, when closed, it minimizes the system and performs automatic backups before installing or uninstalling drivers, but these options can be disabled. For other settings, you can enable automatic scanning on startup, change the default download and save folders, and change proxy settings and download speed limits.

Additional options are available in the Pro version that give you the option to remove leftover and corrupted driver files after removing and adding a network printer.

Assessment and conclusion

In our testing, it performed quick tasks including scanning and loading drivers, as well as backup and restore tasks. CPU and RAM usage is minimal. In conclusion, Driver Talent provides a simplified interface for downloading and updating drivers that come bundled with other useful tools.


  • Doesn’t install drivers quickly
  • You cannot repair or fix driver problems
  • Some driver versions are not available for installation
  • You cannot update the driver to the latest version
  • No click required to download and update drivers
  • Do not automatically back up and save drivers before installing/uninstalling drivers.
  • Drivers cannot be restored from backup
  • The explicit driver cannot be removed if there are no files left
  • Unable to Download and Install the Network Printer Driver
  • This will Unable to restore the driver and fix it when the device is not detected
  • Unable to preload and register drivers for your PC
  • The driver cannot be loaded on another computer
  • System crashes and pauses cannot be mitigated to improve performance
  • Unable to unlock download speed limits and driver updates
  • Don’t give preference to updating game component drivers to improve your game


  • Check for any outdated, missing, corrupted, corrupted, and incompatible drivers.
  • Download and install the most appropriate drivers for your computer hardware and all connected devices.
  • Fix and fix all driver problems with one click.
  • Update the driver to the latest version (multiple driver versions are available).
  • Pre-download and register drivers for your PC, download and transfer the drivers to another PC. New
  • Versatile management: backup, restore, uninstall, reinstall, and more.
  • Supports downloading and updating drivers for all hardware and device manufacturers.
  • Keep your computers and devices in top condition

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