Ashampoo Burning Studio 21.7.1 Free Download (2021)

Ashampoo Burning Studio 21

Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 is an opportunity to burn data safely, easily rip CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, and enjoy the best multimedia features. Create your own movies and slideshows, edit existing discs, or create video discs with animated menus. Record audio from music CDs, backup, and create the perfect cover art for your projects! Write important data to any disk protected by strong compression and password. The data will not be lost. Get ready for the best recording studio ever!

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 has all the features

What did you do to plan Burning Studio? Good thing!
Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 has a user-friendly navigation interface. Instead of the usual menu, we have chosen a carousel which will take you from one part of the program to another without any problem. Detailed feature descriptions now make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and the new favorites panel gives you instant access to your favorite features. On top of that, we’ve added a “Home” button that will take you back to the home page wherever you are. Don’t like what you see? Push a button and you’ll revert to Burning Studio’s traditional menu style.

Simple and feature-rich recording program
Many people wonder when they first buy Burning Studio 21, is it really that easy? price! Everything is built around three logical steps: file identification, process identification, destination. Want to create a DVD video with an animated menu in just a few clicks? Want to save your photo collection to multiple disks? With Ashampoo Burning Studio 21, anyone can do it! While its feature set might seem overwhelming on paper, we’ve put a lot of effort into developing quick ways to help you achieve your goals in no time and without confusion!

Easily create your own movies and slideshows
There is no limit to what you can do with Burning Studio 21! Cut the films in a few clicks, add an introduction and a conclusion. The correct video can now be converted instantly. Signatures help get your message across, and ready-made themes or custom graphics provide the touch you need. Amaze your friends and family with stunning slideshows with background music and turn precious memories into a visual masterpiece. Create a personalized cover for your audio CDs and use an excellent mosaic feature or multiple templates. With this exciting program, a family vacation, a professional event, or a vacation, excellent results are guaranteed!

Ashampoo Burning Studio 21

Make a timely backup
Do you store your files in the cloud? Why not save your files at home and burn them to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray? Handy Burning Studio 21 backup plans will do all the work for you. Local backup of important data is very easy and the app can remind you of the next backup date. One-click backup management is also easy with File Recovery and Update. It couldn’t be easier! If your files won’t fit on one drive, don’t worry. Our drive expansion technology takes care of this and automatically distributes your files to multiple folders and uses compression and password protection for added security.

Relax on the car stereo and listen to music and audiobooks
It is essential to choose the right format when burning discs on the car stereo. Otherwise, you will lose songs or come across a disc that cannot be played. The new Burning Studio 21 ends with this nightmare! There are over 1,800 settings and profiles for all popular car stereos, and your drives will work just like you would on any device. The program also supports many CD player emulators, equalizers, and normalization functions. Burning Studio 21 Song or Audiobook offers the best experience listening to your songs on the go and in the right order!

Copy music discs and burn audio files
Do you need to extract audio from music CDs? Ashampoo Burning Studio 21’s clever disc cracking feature can extract audio from a music disc in minutes! Artist and genre are automatically recognized, no manual input required. Convert audio discs into high-quality audio files with friendly file names and choose from different formats. Naturally, after that, you can convert your files to music discs along with EQ and volume settings to make better use of your sound and add your own cover design. Very well? This!

The right format for every movie
One of the strengths of Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 is that you can create and burn movies on your PC! To create movies suitable for retailers, they must be converted to the proper format. Burning Studio provides you with audio formats like MPEG4, H.264, and AAC, as well as MP3, WMA, OGG, and more. With Burning Studio 21, everything from simple mobile phone recordings to ambitious home movies is safe and affordable.

Recover data from damaged disk surfaces with scratch protection
Proven anti-scratch technology keeps your data safe. Drawings make the disk surface unreadable and files cannot be recovered. The latest version of Ashampoo Burning Studio removes the horror of scratches by spreading multiple copies of your data to disk with a disaster recovery tool! So if you have a scratched disc, you can get back the files and precious memories you want.

The easiest video editor on the planet!
Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 offers the shortest path to success for any project. When time is of the essence, it only takes a few clicks to combine photos and videos with corresponding music. No unlimited menu navigation is required and no additional manual work is required. If necessary, you can manually adjust the image transition and display time to give it more personality. Otherwise, one more click, and voila!

The easy way to manage ISO or CUE / BIN disk images
Working with disk images like ISO, CUE / BIN, or our ASHDISC is common for professionals. Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 provides full support for all these formats. Easily create, copy, burn, and view images on the disc and enjoy the preview of the installed image. Of course, disk imaging is easy and time-consuming.

Covers and inserts for each disc
Creating covers and attachments has always been the most important thing in Burning Studio. An intuitive start menu will point you in the right direction and instantly select the images you want. Then it will gradually move to full coverage. To save time and effort, the import function will help you analyze your disk, automatically download the necessary metadata from the Internet, and create a suitable track list for you if necessary. Whether you need to quickly remove a blanket or create your own from scratch, you won’t be disappointed!

Our multimedia software
Ashampoo Burning Studio 21 is our latest software and Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 is our high-quality video editing software, supporting Dolby Digital, 4K, and ultra-fast conversion. For post-processing, we recommend Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro to stabilize and reduce noise in your existing videos and optimize the white balance settings. See Ashampoo Music Studio 7 for all audio content. Whether you need to edit your music collection, create a mixtape, or convert audio files. A music studio in various formats is a great option for you!

Release Info
Title: Ashampoo Burning Studio v21.7.1
Developer: Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10.
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